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NIOZ - Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Zeeonderzoek
Senior scientist tenure position<br>NIOZ Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Zeeonderzoek

NIOZ, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is the Dutch national marine science institute and among the most renowned internationally. Approximately 330 scientists, lab assistants, technicians, ship’s crew and auxiliary staff collaborate in world-leading marine research. NIOZ acquires and disseminates scientific knowledge on the world’s oceans and seas. Our multidisciplinary research is carried out in 6 scientific departments, which are distributed over two facilities in the south (NIOZ Yerseke) and the north of the Netherlands (NIOZ Texel). The open position is located at NIOZ-Texel in the Marine Geology department on the barrier island Texel in the Dutch Wadden Sea. NIOZ also houses the National Marine Research Facilities for academic marine sciences in The Netherlands and has a dedicated department for marine electronics and offering a full suite of sea going instruments (landers, traps, corers, hydroacoustics, CTD etc.).

The GEO department (GEO; ) is active in ocean-wide marine research. Themes include past to modern climatic and environmental forcing using core records from marine sediments and warm-water corals. Moored time-series instrumentation is used for budgeting modern sediment transports in canyons to cold-water corals and from rivers onto continental margins. For that purpose, GEO operates state-of-the-art instruments including advanced XRF/UV-core scanning, laser grain sizing, stable isotope analysis of carbonates (MAT 253 with Carbo-Kiel), radionuclide spectrometry (for 210Pb and 234Th), and element analysis (Element-2 HR-ICP-MS) in a class-7 clean lab. Studies about methane seepage and possible impacts of increased release by Arctic warming are combined with analyses of water column and atmospheric CH4 and CO2 by GC and CRDS, both of which are employed during cruises on a regular basis. The department has strong links with the technical department at NIOZ to broaden the existing expertise on deep sea landers, moorings, coring and hydroacoustics.

For our GEO department we are looking for an established scientist with an excellent track record for publishing and acquiring external funding to fill a

senior scientist tenure position

Vacancy number 2012-010

Successful candidates need to have a broad knowledge of inorganic geochemistry, and given the existing equipment pool, co-develop new methodologies. He/she should be experienced in deciphering paleoclimatological/environmental and geochemical conditions from sediment and rock records. NIOZ wishes to stimulate research directed towards societal questions regarding effects and consequences of increasing atmospheric CO2 and ocean acidification as well as towards siliciclastic sediment records, e.g. isotopic changes relating burial history to hinterland transport processes during climate change.

Experience in ocean going research cruises is an advantage. Candidates should also have a significant marine research funding track record and should be open to taking part in PR and Outreach activities, besides developing contacts with Dutch universities. NIOZ stimulates Marine Research in the Netherlands in general and NIOZ staff is invited to participate in teaching activities at all levels.

For further information on the department or the position, please contact Dr. Jens Greinert (head of department) via email or phone +31 222 369 397. More information about the institute can be found on

Applications should include a CV with a publication and acquired-funding list, names of three possible referees, as well as a research plan highlighting possible links within the GEO department, to NIOZ and other national and international partners. Applications should be sent to Jolanda Evers of the HR department via email or mail (Jolanda Evers, Royal NIOZ, PO Box 59, 1790 AB Den Burg, Texel, The Netherlands).

We offer a senior scientist tenure position, a pension scheme, a yearly 8% vacation allowance, year-end bonus and flexible employment conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Labour Agreement of Research Centers. Cost of relocation and help with housing is provided by NIOZ.

Please quote the vacancy number 2012-010 in your application.

Closing date: Applications can be submitted until April 5th 2012 with interviews being held either two or four weeks later.
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