reactietermijn vacature verstreken - Deputy Unit Head – Global Climate & Energy Team
Daryl Upsall zoekt voor Greenpeace International

Position: Deputy Unit Head – Global Climate & Energy Team

Reports to: Unit Head

Location: Amsterdam preferred but flexible

Salary: Competitive salary plus benefits


Greenpeace ( exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and promote peace. We investigate, expose and confront environmental abuse. We challenge the political and economical power of those who can effect change. We drive environmentally responsible and socially just solutions that offer hope for this and future generations. We inspire people to take responsibility for the planet. Greenpeace is taking action all over the world for our planet’s future. Our volunteers, activists and staff come from all corners of the globe, cover the age spectrum and come from all walks of life. What they all have in common is their commitment to working for a green and peaceful future for everyone. With creative local actions for the planet they positively affect their communities, their countries, and ultimately, the world at large.
Climate & Energy Context

As indefinite growth can continue in a limited world, the next decades will bring unprecedented change to environment, societies and economies. Reaching the limits of growths within our live span will trigger disruptions of our economies that will force societies to take action to increase resource productivity and reduce consumption. A fossil fuel dominated energy and transport system will be in the center of the transformation and Climate Change will be among the disruptions threatening access to essentials like food and water. Change will not come at steady pace, but in the form of multiple crises, rapid and unpredictable. But the good news is that there will be a lot of change happening of the kind, environmental organizations have advocated for a long time. The major challenges for the Greenpeace Climate & Energy team is to anticipate the faces and dynamics of future crises, to provide a framework of applicable narratives for public communication and to identify strategies to mobilize key audiences to accelerate change and steer it in the right direction.

General description/purpose of the role

To lead, support, coordinate and manage the campaign unit, in order to ensure delivery of the agreed global campaign strategies within the context of Greenpeace’s strategic framework. Responsibilities are delegated by the Unit Head, who is ultimately accountable for the whole unit.

Main areas of responsibility

1. Strategic direction and programme design
Maintain an overview of key external developments and based on this, formulate and deliver effective campaign strategies and activities, in cooperation with the Unit Head ensuring the provision of ongoing advice to senior management at GPI and in NROs on the formulation and execution of GP’s strategic direction and programme design.

2. Global Campaign Strategy
Lead and coordinate the formulation, development, agreement and implementation of global campaign strategies and objectives for campaign issues, in the context of the Greenpeace mission and strategic direction in agreement with the Unit Head, in order to clearly define the objectives of global campaigns. Be able to operate in fast changing and potentially challenging circumstances with the ability to quickly and effectively adjust plans and manage staff to best deliver objectives.

3. Project Proposals
Lead and coordinate the development of campaign project proposals for agreement at the annual Programme meeting, in cooperation with the Unit team and NRO’s and in the context of the global campaign strategy, in order that they enable the delivery of global campaign objectives.

4. Staff Management
Organise, manage, develop and staff the department in a qualitative and quantitative manner, in line with HR and GPI guidelines, in order to be equipped for current and future challenges and contribute to the realization of the unit’s objectives.

5. Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA)
Proactively contribute to the development and implementation of innovative strategies for NVDA on land and sea, in cooperation with the Unit team, NROs and other international units, and in accordance with Greenpeace principles, in order to maximize impact on the media/public/target in achieving agreed campaign objectives.

6. Unit Budget
Develop, monitor and authorise expenditure of coordination and operational budgets, in cooperation with the Campaign Assistant and according to agreed objectives and priorities of the unit, to ensure cost effectiveness and strategic expenditure of the allocated budget.

7. National/Regional Office (NRO) Liaison
Enable the campaign unit to build relationships with and support NROs through consistent communication, diplomacy and NRO visits, in cooperation with the unit team and in the context of organisational development plans, to ensure the global campaign strategy is supported by NROs and implemented accordingly in different regions of the world.

8. External Network
Maintain overview and coordinate the unit’s development of external international networks with key allies, political fora, industry, NGOs, public, media and QUANGOs in order to enable maximum influence in external world to support achievement of campaign objectives.

9. External Representation
Coordinate and carry out representation of Greenpeace at relevant international meetings/conventions with media, industry, governments, NGOs, and public, in support of the global campaign strategy, in order to help progress the objectives of the campaign.

10. Planning Systems
Contribute to the development and review of systems for planning, monitoring, evaluation, and information dissemination, across the organisation in order to enable increased efficiency, knowledge, learning and cohesion within the organisation on the direction of global campaign objectives.

11. Funding Proposals
Advise and assist the Programme Director and Fundraising Unit on the development of funding proposals for major donors and foundations, and subsequent campaign reporting and representation, liaising with major donors, Foundations and other supporters of Greenpeace work as required in order to ensure funding proposals are factually correct and in line with the agreed global campaign strategy.

Skills required

• Education to degree level
• Minimum 3 years experience in designing and running international campaigns
• Staff management experience – especially with cross-cultural and global (i.e. long
distance) teams
• Knowledge of campaign issue area
• Project management skills and/or experience, including proven ability to
effectively adjust plans to rapidly changing circumstances.
• Ability to operate and lead under pressure and in physically or mentally
challenging situations.
• Presentation and public speaking skills and/or experience
• Budget planning and management skills and/or experience
• Knowledge and experience of a wide range of non-violent campaign tactics.
• Understanding of the roles that science, politics, economics, industry, media and
social change play in campaigning.
• Demonstrable commitment to environmental/peace issues
• Deep understanding of public communication of campaigns
• Fluency in written and spoken English; other languages an asset.

To apply

To apply for the post, please send a letter of application stating the skills and approach that you would bring to the post along with your CV/resume (no photos) in English in strict confidence BY EMAIL ONLY to Isabel Leal at Applications sent by other means will not be considered.

Please ensure that they are sent as Word documents with the titles “your name cover letter” and “your name CV”. Please put "GPI Deputy Unit Climate " in the email subject line and state how you came across about the job announcement.

Deadline for applications: Monday 23 April 2012 at 23h00 CET
vacature geplaatst op 03 Apr 2012 door Daryl Upsall for Greenpeace



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