Operations manager
Nederlandse Groen Gas Maatschappij B.V.

The Dutch Green Gas Company ("Nederlandse Groen Gas Maatschappij B.V."; "NGGM") has the purpose to develop sustainable energy projects, in particular production of green gas. In order to achieve this NGGM develops and exploits biogas upgrading installations within the Netherlands and abroad. Biogas, which is produced by fermentation processes, is converted into green gas, which, for example, can be imported into the natural gas network or can be used in the transport sector in a liquid form (Liquid Bio Gas). Furthermore liquefied pure CO2 is produced.

In order to manage the production locations in the Netherlands NGGM is looking for an "operation manager the Netherlands". NGGM's production locations are remotely monitored and controlled and operations and maintenance activities are completely outsourced to third parties. The first location is expected to be in operation end of 2011. More installations will follow in 2012 and 2013. The job will start in the first quarter of 2012.

The operations manager shall have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • During the first six (6) months the operations manager will manage a project for realization of a new production site in order to get acquainted with the company, the installations and the business

  • After the before mentioned period the operations manager will be responsible for the operations and the operational results of the production locations in the Netherlands.

  • The operational manager shall meet targets to be agreed upon for availability of the installation and budgets for operations and maintenance

  • The operations manager will manage operations & maintenance contracts with NGGM's main contractor and contracts with other suppliers

  • The operations manager is responsible for compliance with licenses to operate and permits

  • The operations manager is responsible to keep documentation, certification and manuals up to date.

  • Communication with authorities (a.o. municipalities, Notified Bodies)

  • The operations manager is responsible for procurement of materials (spare parts etc)

  • The operations manager shall supervise subcontractors and project managers of third parties for new projects

  • The home offices will be Bergambacht and Zoetermeer

Job requirements:

  • Technical bachelor of science grade or equivalent

  • At least ten years working experience in a technical oriented job in industry and/or energy business

  • Experience with operational management of process installations

  • Experience with project execution. Experience with progress reporting and project financials.

  • Experience with procurement and contract management

  • Experience with managing contractors and vendors

  • Excellent communicative skills Dutch (native speaker) and English, verbally and in writing.

  • The ability to adapt in changing circumstances and work under stress conditions

  • Willingness to execute additional activities apart from the job description when the client or organization requires

  • Result oriented

  • Willingness to travel in the Netherlands and abroad on a short stay basis

  • Ability to organize your own work and from others. On-schedule performance and complying with agreements made are of NGGM's most important values.

  • Drivers license B

What do we offer you?

We offer you a challenging job with many flexibilities and a salary in accordance with market conditions. A lease car will be part of the labor conditions.


If you are interested please send your Curriculum Vitae in English and Dutch to office@nggm.com If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Titus Metz, Development & Operations Manager, at +31 79 361 3668.

> Permitting officer the Netherlands
vacature geplaatst op 12 Oct 2012 door Nederlandse Groen Gas Maatschappij



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