Internship Development of a commercially relevant anode for bioelectrochemical cells
Magneto Special Anodes B.V.

Magneto special anodes BV was founded in 1957 and is the original inventor and first manufacturer of Titanium anodes with electrocatalytic coatings. It is a main item of Magneto’s strategy to further expand her product range with various types of innovative electrochemical cells. One of those innovative electrochemical cells is the bioelectrochemical cell (BEC). BECs are cells in which electrochemically active bacteria catalyze the oxidation of (in)organic electron donors on the anode. Magneto started her research & development activities on the MFC already in 2004 in cooperation with strategic research partners, such as Wetsus. In this cooperation, Magneto designed, manufactured and made available to the research team the world biggest MFC in 2009, including all required pumps, vessels, controls, etcetera. Since April 2012, Magneto is participating in an EU research project called ‘BioelectroMET’. The aim of ‘BioelectroMET’ is to develop an BEC that is capable of recovering metals from process streams using electron donors that are available on-site. Process streams that could be used originate for example from mines (e.g. acid mine drainage) that contain inorganic sulfur species that could serve as electron donor. One of Magneto’s roles in the project is to develop a(n) (electro)chemically resistant anode that could be used in this BEC. This internship aims at developing such an anode.


Development and characterization of electrodes
Cooperation with research institutes that participate in the BioelectroMET project


The ideal applicant has a BSc (HBO or university) or MSC in for example (but not limited to):
 (Electro)chemistry or chemical engineering
 Materials science
 Environmental technology, biotechnology, process technology or water technology
Moreover, the candidate must be able to speak English or Dutch fluently.

The offer

A nice internship for 4 months. Startdate is as soon as possible and there is also a internship allowance applicable.

Information and Application

For more information, you can check our website, send an e-mail or call to Adriaan Jeremiasse on +31 (0)10-2620788. If interested, please send your CV + brief motivation (max 1 A4) to

vacature geplaatst op 26 Feb 2014 door Magneto Special Anodes B.V.



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