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The approach of representing taxonomic knowledge in such a way that it can be queried and made amenable to automated reasoning opens up a wealth of possibilities for exploring the data, both in fundamental and applied research contexts. Recent proofs-of-concept have shown that it is feasible to semantically annotate an entire Flora with concepts describing phenotypic qualities, terms describing habitat types, and terms that identify taxa.

 Conversely, such well-defined semantics can feed back into primary text mining in an approach where the mark-up processes are informed by already existing corpora of knowledge (i.e. plant anatomy ontologies, plant trait ontologies, entity/quality ontologies, taxonomy ontologies, habitat ontologies, glossaries, lists of place names) to aid in the extraction and mark-up of relevant concepts, and vice versa, to expand and to enrich these corpora.

 In this project, Naturalis aims to demonstrate the novelty of the approach, where mark-up procedures become "ontology-mediated".


  • To extend/modify scripts that create FlorML documents from the contents of the Flora of the Guianas (excluding wood description content);  
  • To mark-up of Flora de Guianas content using the modified version of Perl scripts;
  • To generate xml files with Flora of the Guianas taxonomic treatments in a suitable format to be imported to the Platform for Cybertaxonomy - Common Data Model; 
  • To generate xml files with Flora Malesiana taxonomic treatments in a suitable format to be ingested in the Platform for Cybertaxonomy -  Common Data Model *;
  • To align mark-up activities with the goals of the project “Mark-up and Ontology of taxonomic literature”, under the framework of a Naturalis proposal on Virtual Research Environments.

General requirements and skills

  • Bachelor degree;
  • Proficiency in Perl programming language;
  • Basic knowledge on data-driven ontology development;
  • Excellent command of the Dutch and English language (written and verbal) is required;
  • Proactive and accurate ;
  • Autonomous but with a team spirit.

We offer

A temporary contract (32 hours per week) for the duration of this project. We offer a gross salary around €2.223,-  a month based on 36 hours a week.


Applicants are invited to submit their application including a motivation letter and CV before the 28th of September to

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